Our History

Mezcalería Quiéreme Mucho

A project filled with passion, history, tradition, and identity arrives in the sleepy seaside community of playa La Bocana to offer an authentic mezcal experience.

Among waves, surfboards and sand, this small space is devoted to mezcal,  mixology, craft beer, and the local art of alebrijes. Mezcalería Quiéreme Mucho offers a delicate mixology created exclusively to enhance the notes of this oneofakind mezcal produced at Hacienda Guegorene, in Ocotlán de Morelos since 1913.

Wendlandt is our local brewery and offers an exquisite array of craft beers and also recognized as the “Best Brewery in Mexico”.

Mezcalería Quiéreme Mucho relies on the agaves cared for and protected at  Hacienda Guegorene, in the quality of its handmade mezcal with bottles that are painted by the best artisans in town. 


Espadín: one of the easiest to grow, takes up to a decade to mature.


Tobalá: a tiny, feisty plant that grows under oaks on highaltitude slopes, needs as many as fifteen years.

Tepextate: it ripens in over a quarter century. The desire to consume a botanical time capsule is fraught; every precious sip both supports a traditional craft and hastens its extinction.

Cuishé: quite different in form and looks like a palm tree, great for blends and takes more than a decade to reach its mature point.